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Smooth Feet for Hands

We are living in strange times right now. We are all feeling anxious as the Coronavirus spreads around the globe. In a matter of just a few weeks, our way of life has changed and we are uncertain if it will ever be the same again. According to health officials around the world, the best thing that we can do right now is to frequently wash our hands for at least 20 seconds. While this practice is our best line of defense against all germs, it takes its toll on our skin. Our skin becomes extremely dry and even cracked due to frequent handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers. Harsh soaps and detergents can dry out our skin. Cold and dry weather doesn’t help either. 

A lot of our loyal customers have reached out to us asking if they can use Smooth Feet on their hands. And the answer is a resounding yes! You can use Smooth Feet on your hands and it will work the same wonders as it does on your feet. Just like our feet, the palm of our hands don’t have oil glands so they need to be moisturized from the outside. Under normal circumstances, a hand cream or body lotion would do the job. But now that we are all washing our hands a lot more frequently, we need a product that can lock in moisture and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin which is exactly what Smooth Feet does. You can learn more about how the ingredients work together here.

To be 100% transparent, the reason that we haven’t market Smooth Feet for hands is that we feel that it’s not a great customer experience due to its slight stickiness. So I’ll tell you what we’ve been doing at home and you can decide for yourself if this is the right approach for you. 

Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet Artisan Foot Care

We have put a bottle of Smooth Feet on our nightstand and we apply a full dropper to the palm of one hand and rub our hands together really well for about a minute or so. We do this after we’ve done everything else and we are ready to turn off the lights. This way, the slight stickiness doesn’t bother us as we don’t have to touch anything. Keep in mind that the stickiness goes away after the product is fully absorbed into the skin (10 minutes or so). And we’ve been waking up with smooth hands. 

You can also use Smooth Feet during the day if your hands are really dry. I suggest you add a few drops to your hand cream or lotion and apply it to your hands. This way, you won’t feel the stickiness as much and you can go about your day without having to worry about touching stuff with your sticky hands. 

We also recommend using natural soaps that don’t contain harsh chemicals. And be mindful of how much hand sanitizer you use as it can change the Ph balance of the skin which can lead to cracks and infections. 

Enjoy your smooth hands!

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