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A simple Old World recipe that will leave your feet soft, smooth and hydrated.

Smooth Feet hydrates your feet by penetrating truly-natural organic ingredients into your skin and prevents evaporation of water from the surface.

1.0 Fl oz.

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What’s in it and why it works:

Smooth Feet has only three USDA Certified Organic ingredients! There are no toxic chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, animal derived ingredients, and no synthetic fragrance or flavors.

An organic compound composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen charged to maintain water balance. Glycerin attracts water from air and retains water by sealing moisture that might otherwise escape.


Contains powerful antioxidants that prevent harmful effects of environmental toxins. Lavender oil stimulates cellular growth and skin regeneration. Lavender oil is a truly-natural fragrance.


Helps with the penetration of Glycerin and Lavender into skin. Alcohol also acts as a truly natural preservative.
*The Sugar Cane Alcohol in our formula does not dry out the skin.


How to use:

Smooth Feet works best when applied to clean dry feet. For best results apply Smooth Feet after taking a shower or bath and/or before going to bed (don’t worry, your baby smooth feet won’t stain your sheets!). Massage one full dropper onto the bottom of each foot. Do not walk barefoot after applying Smooth Feet as it will attract dust onto your feet. Your feet may feel sticky for a little while after application but the stickiness will go away and it will leave your feet soft and smooth.

Apply every night for 7-10 days, and then as often as needed. 




This product contains pure lavender oil. If you are allergic to essential oils or have hypersensitive skin, please test the product on a small area of your foot before applying to your feet.

* Our products are Vegan, GMO and Gluten Free however, they are not made in a gluten free facility.

**Our products are never tested on animals and they are dressed in eco-friendly packaging sourced responsibly in the united states.