Legendary Apothecary was born out of a little girl’s story. Her name was Masy and she grew up in the capital of a country that used to be a great ancient empire. Masy had very dry feet to the point that her feet would crack and bleed and she wasn’t able to walk. Her mother had tried everything from medicines that doctors had prescribed to herbs and all kinds of home remedies but nothing worked until one day, an apothecary woman -who would roam the streets of the city- stopped by their neighborhood.

Masy’s mother invited her in for a cup of tea and that was when she saw Masy’s feet. She told her mother that she has a recipe for a tincture that could cure her feet. Masy’s mother was very skeptical as she had already tried everything but she decided to give this simple recipe a try.

She went to the local market and bought three simple ingredients. She mixed everything in a bottle, gave it a shake and applied it to Masy’s feet. Three days later, the bleeding stopped and by the end of the week, Masy’s feet were as smooth as baby’s feet.

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Masy grew up to be a fine woman but never stopped using this Legendary recipe and passed it on to her children and grandchildren.

When she was passing, she shared some of her childhood memories with her eldest granddaughter. Among them, was the story of the apothecary woman and the Legendary recipe that made feet so soft and smooth. Masy told her granddaughter that she should put it in a bottle and share it with the world. And that is how Legendary Apothecary was born and our first product Smooth Feet came to be.

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We founded Legendary Apothecary, with one goal in mind: We wanted to build a brand that treated everyone and everything it touched, with KINDness. So we harkened back to the olden ways when one would go to the local apothecary for all things health and wellness.

Inspired by a century-old family fable, we’ve combined the desire to spread KINDness, with a deep belief in the power of plant-based ingredients to create skincare products that are pure, organic & cruelty-free. And we are on a mission to make the world a KINDer place! 

KIND to Humans, KIND to Animals, KIND to Mother Earth.

We are proudly based in Los Angeles, California.