How To Heal Cracked Heels

Our skin is the first layer of defense against harmful bacteria, environmental toxins, pollutants, the sun, and the wind, and anything else that our body comes in contact with. All of these elements take their toll on our skin. Our skin also becomes drier as we age. Additionally, we don’t have oil glands on the bottom of our feet to keep them moisturized.

As the skin dries, it can become rough, scaly and flaky, and eventually tear. The tears can then turn into deeper cracks (also referred to as heel fissures) that can bleed and get infected not to mention that they can be extremely painful and even make walking difficult.

The best defense is always an offense. It is much easier to prevent cracks than to heal them. To learn how to get baby-smooth feet in just a few days, visit our Ultimate Guide to Baby Smooth Feet.

How to heal cracked heels:

  1. Start with a product that contains a humectant. Humectants attract water from the air and help the skin to maintain its moisture. 
  2. Apply the product at bedtime and wear 100% socks to keep the moisture in but also allow the skin to breathe. 
  3. After a few days of applying the product and once the cracks have improved, you can soak your feet using a foot soak or Epsom salt and very gently scrub using a natural pumice rock to remove the dead skin. 
  4. Continue applying the product until the cracks are completely gone. 
  5. Avoid harsh soaps and other products as they can damage the natural skin barrier which can lead to water loss from the skin. 
  6. Remember, prevention is always easier than treatment! 

You should see a doctor if you experience redness, swelling, soreness or severe pain in any area of the foot for more than a few days. Always see your doctor or podiatrist if you have an excessive amount of dead skin on your feet, callouses, cracked skin, wounds, or rashes that don’t go away on their own or with home remedies.

For more causes of dry feet and cracked heels, visit our post on ‘What Causes Dry Feet’.

Be KIND to your feet. They carry you through this journey called life.

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