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We LOVE Los Angeles! What’s not to LOVE? On average we enjoy 284 sunny days per year here!

Los Angeles is a city of movement. Everyday new people arrive from all over the globe, and new stories are told. New ideas are born, new subcultures inspired, new businesses grown. And through it all, the earth itself churns beneath our feet, mixing the tinctures and extracts drawn from this sea of motion creating the unique potion that is LA.

Legendary Apothecary was born from that movement. First, there is Todd, a fourth-generation Topangan, raised with the love of others, kindness to all, and respect for the earth endemic to the Canyon’s culture. Second, Sara is a Persian immigrant, steeped in the ancient mystical traditions of those lands, drawn by her artist’s eye to the City of Angels’ vibrant, and ever-shifting culture. Together, we share a passion to explore, to discover, and above all else—to create a kinder and more beautiful world for all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants.

We chose LA as the backdrop of our brand because of the unique melting pot that it is. Everyone is welcome in LA! Whether you are black or white or pink or green (or any other race or nationality), young or old, radical or liberal, structured or free thinking, vegan or carnivore, there’s a neighborhood for you in LA.

California is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. From the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean to the Lavender Fields in Mt Shasta, to the Redwoods and the Death Valley, California’s nature is an endless source of inspiration and creativity.

Additionally, there’s an abundance of resources, cool people, raw and organic ingredient suppliers, and lots of like-minded indie brands that are emerging in Los Angeles and other parts of California.

Inspired by a century-old family fable, we’ve combined our love of nature, LA, and the desire to spread KINDness, with a deep belief in the power of clean, plant-based & organic ingredients. The result is a line of skin care products that are carefully created to be transformative, restorative, and purely pleasurable to use.

We first design and handcraft every product in our creative studio in Los Angeles, and then send it off to be manufactured ethically in Southern California.

Our products are free of toxic chemicals, vegan (plant-based) and cruelty-free. They are never tested on animals (only on humans) and are dressed in eco-friendly packaging. We donate 10% of our profits to human, animal and environmental KINDness.

Deeply rooted in the care-free culture of Los Angeles, where hippies, hipsters, yoga enthusiasts, and free-thinking radicals gather to drink locally roasted coffee under the soul-soothing sun of Southern California, Legendary Apothecary is KIND to humans, KIND to animals, and KIND to Mother Earth…because we believe that KINDness can heal the world. Learn more about Our Commitment.

We are proudly created and handmade in Los Angeles, California and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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