Smooth Feet FAQ’s

Is Smooth Feet gluten free? Smooth Feet is gluten free however it is not made in a gluten free facility.

Is Smooth Feet soothed for pregnant women? There are no harmful ingredients in Smooth Feet however we suggest that pregnant women check with their doctor before Introducing this or any new product into their regimen.

Is Smooth Feet safe for children? Smooth Feet can be used on children’s feet however, it has not been tested on children so use at your own discretion.

Alcohol is known to be drying on the skin. What makes the alcohol in Smooth Feet different? First, not all alcohols are created equal. Secondly, alcohol combined with the right ingredients will not dry out the skin. For example, alcohol mixed with glycerin (when glycerin is in a higher concentration than alcohol) forms a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss.

What is used to denature the alcohol? Our organic sugar cane alcohol is denatured using organic lavender oil.

How long do I have to use Smooth Feet to see results? For best results use Smooth Feet every night for the first 7-10 days. After that your feet will tell you when they’re thirsty.

Will Smooth Feet stain my sheets? No, Smooth Feet contains no colors or dyes or oils to stain fabric.

When will the stickiness go away? Most of it goes away after about 10 minutes however we advise that you wear flip-flops for the first few hours to keep your feet from attracting dust.

Will Smooth Feet cause my feet to peel and flake? No, Smooth Feet gently and effectively relieves dry, cracked skin from the inside out. You may use gentle exfoliants such as pumice to help with particularly stubborn areas like the heels.

Can Smooth Feet be used too often? We’ve found a once a day application is optimal to start.  However, Smooth Feet is safe to use as often as desired.

Will the product damage my nail polish? No.

Can I use the serum on my hands and cuticles? Yes but the initial stickiness might make it unpleasant for hands.

Will Smooth Feet damage wood floors and surfaces or fabrics? No.

Can I use the product after a foot bath or during a professional pedicure treatment? Yes.

Will other lotions and creams interfere with the efficacy of Smooth Feet? No but for best results, Smooth Feet should be applied as directed.

I love smooth feet! Do you make a hand cream? Not yet but we have lots of great products that we are working on in our design lab.

Can I travel with Smooth Feet? Yes, but be sure to check the TSA and airline regulations.