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Legendary Apothecary The Foot Rescue Set - 3 Step System



Our complete 3-step Foot Care System that will leave your feet baby-smooth.


Highly recommended

I love this product! Smells lovely and it works! My cracked feet are now smooth and pretty again just in time for summer! I’m going to give some to my mother who hates her feet because of the dry cracked skin. Thank you!

The product I have been waiting for

This product made my dry, cracked feet softer with the first use. It is beautifully scented and not greasy. I like that it is organic, naturally-sourced and environmentally friendly. I would definitely recommend it.

I love this product!

I use it nightly, and my feet are smoother, softer, and more sandal-ready than ever. It is wonderful to find a product that is responsibly sourced and is effective.

Truly wonderful and healing!

This product has changed my life. I felt a difference after only one use and my horribly cracked feet were baby smooth in a week! Definitely recommend this product.

Amazing foot healer

My feet always crack especially during the winter. I have tried lotions to soften the callouses but nothing ever solved the problem until my wife gave me smooth feet to try. after 3 days my feet healed and felt good. what a great product.

Amazing organic product!

I had cracked feet to the point that walking was difficult. I tried many different products, none of them worked until I found this product. I’ve been using Smooth Feet for two weeks now and I cannot believe how soft my feet are! Well worth the price. Definitely recommend.

It just works

Very effective. I used this for a few weeks and the results are impressive. My feet feel really soft.

Best foot product ever!

This product worked wonders for my very dry cracked feet! I was apprehensive at first because I’ve used just about every foot product that’s out there but this one is a miracle worker in a bottle!

I just LOVE your product

It’s probably my hero product of this summer. My feet never felt better and I just LOVE the scent. I’ll probably purchase Smooth Feet forever.

Thank You! Amazing product!

My daughter had extremely dry, cracked feet and toes. This product worked better than I could have hoped. They were healed in two days. Thank you!


Works terrific. Smells great and easy to use. Tried many other products and this is by far the best. With the added bonus that it is all natural.

Love this product!

Rest assured, you have a client for life with me. My husband and I are hooked. We are a flip flop family and love your product.

A summer MUST have!

This is the first summer after years that I can wear sandals and not be ashamed of my feet and it’s all because of this product. It practically cured my miserable dry and cracked feet in a week!


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